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Tanworth, Nuthurst and Gaydon


Feoffment with warranty from Richard Fulwode esquire to Thomas Gybbyns, John Fulwode the elder, John Huband and Thomas Yardely gentlemen of the manor of Fulwodda in Toneworth' county Warr' together with all other lands in Fulwodda, Gayton, Nuthurst and Toneworth', now or late in the occupation of Edward Fulwode gentleman, Richard Burbury, Richard Wescote, John Robyns, Thomas Seanne, Alexander Swanne, Cecilia Rolston, John Coterell, Henry Wescote, John Browne, Thomas Persons, Richard Whateley, William Balamy, John Dolphin, John Sydnall, Nicholas Tyrry, Henry Byddull, William Asshell', Thomas Yelshawe, John Stevyns, John Estowe, William Payn, John Johnsons and Richard Prykytt' or any of them in county Warr' or Wigorn'; to hold for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, to the only use of the said Richard Fulwode for 60 years, if he lived so long, and after his death to hold to the use of Edmund Fulwode, son and heir apparent of the said Richard, and his heirs for ever. Appointment of attorney by the said Richard of John Fulwode the younger and John Browne to deliver seisin. Signed: per me Ricardum Fulwoode Dated, 4 Edward VI. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., the letters I P with foliage. Endorsed: [Contemp] a feofment Latin, parchment, 151/4 x 7 in., indented.