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Assignment from Richard Archer of Tonworth' esquire to John Dunstall of Tonworth' yeoman of a lease of 25 March 21 Henry VIII [1530] (DR 37/1/1233) from John Clerkson to the said Richard Archer of a tenement and lands called Barnnefyldes in the tenure of the said John Dunstall to hold from the next 2 February for the term of 21 years for the annual rent of 15s. 8d.; to hold to the said John Dunstall for the remainder of the said term for the same rent [2 terms] to be paid to the said John Clerkson; the said John Dunstall being bound in the penal sum of 10 marks to save the said Richard Archer harmless from any claims from the said John Clerkson. Dated Palm Sunday 21 Henry VIII. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in. English, parchment, 171/4 x 9 in.