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Monkspath in Tanworth, Wootton Wawen, Mawley Hall in Cleobury Mortimer, Salop


Mortgage with counterpart from Richard Archer esquire to Michael Domer, citizen and mercer of London, of the wardship and marriage of Anne, daughter of the said Richard, or if she died before the said marriage, the marriage of any other of the daughters of the said Richard then living, or in default the marriage of the eldest son of the said Richard then living; upon the marriage of the said Anne or any other of the said daughters the said Richard was to settle lands of the annual value of £50, £20 on the death of Maud, mother of Maud wife of the said Richard, and £30 when the said daughter was 14 years old, or in default of such daughters to give lands to the value of £100 on the marriage of the eldest son, £50 to be paid as recited and the remaining £50 upon the death of the said Richard; if the said Michael married the said Anne to a person with lands to the yearly value of £ 33. 6. 8d., the said Richard agreed before 24 June next to convey to Robert Dormer, William Dantesey, Ambrose Dantesey, William Wyllington and John Crokker the manor of Monyspathe in the parish of Tanworthe with all the lands of the said Richard in the same, a messuage called Hall Ende in the parish of Wutton in the county of Warr' and a messuage called Malley in Clybbery in county Salop; to hold for ever discharged from all encumberances and the deeds relating to the same to be deposited in a chest with two locks, of which the said Richard and Michael were to have the keys, and the same to be kept in the Mercers Hall in London, the annual value of these lands being £20; the said conveyance to be held to the use of the said Michael for ever if the said Richard did not grant the marriage of the said Anne together with the deeds relating to the same; for this the said Michael had given the said Richard 400 marks [£216. 13. 4d] at this sealing and £50 to be paid within 13 months after the death of the said Maud, mother of the said Richard [sic]; if the said Richard kept the said agreement, 2 bonds of the Statute Staple of Westminster, one dated 17 October 19 Henry VIII [1527] in the penal sum of £150 [DR 37/1/1112] and the other of ever date in the penal sum of £400 [DR 37/1/1120] would be void. Signed: Rychard Archar. Dated, 20 Henry VIII. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [Contemp., words underlined written over in second hand] Rychard' Archar ffor Anne his dowter the 20 yere off H kyng [Later 16th cent] iiij C marke [Another 16th cent] 20 h 8 English, parchment, 22 x 151/2 in. and 193/4 x 91/2 in., indented.