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Bond from Humphrey Conyngsbye of Vllenhall county Warr' gentleman to John Fulwode the younger of the same gentleman in the penal sum of 40 marks to perform the covenant stated in the bargain and sale from the said Humphrey to the said John [DR37/1/1301] for £15 of a tenement in Toneworth with meadows and pastures then in the tenure of John Hardyng, the said Humphrey having received 46s. 8d. of the said £15 and the rest to be paid at the following Michaelmas or else to return the said 46s. 8d. and bind himself to the said John in the penal sum of £40 not to sell the said property to anyone else but the said John for £15, free from all incumberances except the said lease to the said John Hardyng and the chief rent. Dated, 4 Edward VI. Circular seal of red wax on tongue, 3/4 in., the letters I A within a decorated border. Endorsed: [Contemp] the died of Vimphrie Conesbe Latin and English, parchment, 10 x 93/4 in.