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Monkspath in Tanworth


Feoffment from Baldwin Porter of the city of Couentr' gentleman, son and heir of John Porter late of Escote county Warr' to Richard Wescote of Tonworth' yeoman of 2 crofts of land lying together with hedges and ditches in Monkespath strete in the parish of Tonworth' between the land and close there belonging to the Gild of Henley in the tenure of Evan Anderton' and the highway called Monkespath strete in breadth, and in length between the said lane leading to the house of the said Evan Anderton; and the land or close of William Waryng' of Buryhall' now in the tenure of John Grasley, which crofts were formerly in the tenure of John Barne, one being called Newlandes and the other called Porters crofte; to hold for ever from the chief lord of the fee for due and customary service. Appointment of attorney by the said Baldwin of Philip Ebbrall' husbandman to deliver seisin. Dated 1 December 1538. Witnesses: John Sydnall', John Broune, Robert Warren', Thomas Anderton and Oliver Hunt with many others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 131/4 x 61/2 in., indented.