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Lapworth and Tanworth


Bargain and sale from Richard Fulwod' of Tonworth' county Warr' esquire to John Fulwod' of Vllenall', the second, brother of the said Richard, gentleman; whereas John Fulwod' of London, merchant taylor, brother of the said Richard and John, deceased, was seised of land in county Warr' and County Worcetture and enfeoffed the same to Henry Suckley of London, merchant taylor, and the said John Fulwod' the elder to hold to the use of John Fulwod' merchant taylor, Margaret his wife and their heirs, 20 September 36 Henry VIII [1544], to John in his own right, to the said Margaret for life and to their heirs as specified, and whereas the said John had died without lawful issue, although the said Margaret was still alive the reversion of the said property had passed to the said Richard as the eldest brother of the said John, the said Richard now bargained and sold to the said John Fulwod' the elder the reversion of a messuage, meadows, lands in Lapworth in the tenure of John Coke, a messuage with meadows and lands in Tonworth' in the tenure of William Ede and other lands in the lordship of Tonworth' called Newlande in the tenure of Thomas Swan; to hold after the death of the said Margaret for ever, the said Margaret to give full right to the same during her life; with warranty to the said John Fulwod' the elder against any claim by Robert Fulwod', younger brother of the said Richard and John; the same grant together with a bond of even date in the penal sum of £100 to be void if the said Richard could not prove his title to the said lands. Signed: per , e Johem' Fulwode sen' Dated, 37 Henry VIII Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letter R Endorsed: [Witnesses] John Fulwod' the younger, Richard Wescott', Richard Pryckqyttes and many others. [S.A.] The counterparte of the sale of John Fulwoodes [sic] the Margaret Taylors land in Tanworth and elswhere to John the elder of Vllenhulle from Richard Fulwood of Tanworth redes land sometimes herewardes and now Thomas Andertons land and Kettles land is comprised in this deed. English, parchment, 161/4 x 111/4 in., indented.