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Grant by letters patent from King Henry VIII to George Throkmerton knight of the manor of Tonworthe with all lands in county Warr', being part of the possessions called Warwykes lands, the park of Tonneworth and all lands called Tanworth and known as part of the manor of Tonneworth, lands called Lodbrokes Parke containing 288 acres, a park called le Olde Parke containing 126 acres and 4 perches, woods and lands called Urleswoode and Sarehurste containing 308 acres and 4 perches, woods and lands called Newfalden Coppice containing 53 acres, a wood called Comitesclose in Tanneworth' being part of Warwykes lands, together with all rights pertaining to the same, including court leet, view of frankpledge, free warren, wardship, marriage, escheats, reliefs, services and all other rights as freely as the Earls of Warwick held the same, except the annual rent of 66s. 81/2d. and the annual service from the lands of Richard Archer gentleman in Tonneworth forfeited to the crown; to hold for ever, the annual value of the manor of Tonneworth being then £24. 2. 31/2d. in chief for the service of 1/20th on a knight's fee, and the right to rents from the same from Lady Day last; the said lands to be held free from all exactions, including 60s. 8d. paid annually to the said George Throkmerton as woodward of the said manor, and from £6. 16s. paid to John Throkmerton esquire as custodian of the park of Tonnworth. Consideration: £630. 17. 2d. Dated at Westminster, 36 Henry VIII. Great Seal, fragments sewn in linen bag. Endorsed: [Contemp] Tonworth manor [Later 16th cent] Latters Patent of [18th cent] A Graunte of the Manor of Tanworth from King Henry the Eighth to George Throckmorton Esquire Latin, parchment, 271/2 x 21 in. Attached: Receipt from George Throkmerton through John Throgmerton to Brian Tuke knight, Treasurer, for £330. 17. 2d. in part payment for the said manor, excluding the advowson of the church and the chantry of Tanneworth. Signed: Thomas Knot Dated 6 August 36 Henry VIII. [1544] See Victoria History of the County of Warwick vol. v, pp. 168, 169.