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Lease for 21 years from Dom Fulk Fletcher, one of the priests of the chantry of Tonworth' county Warriwike to Baldwin Hunt of the same place husbondman of a tenement with a curtilage belonging to the same called Carpentars in Toneworth', a meadow adjoining the said tenement, 2 crofts lying between the said meadow in the ground of Master Richard Archer called Maister Williams Heath, another 'Rughe' croft in Toneworth' lying in breadth between the ground of Master Richard Fulwode on both sides and in length between the Tyth barne medow in the ground on Master Richard Clerkeson' called Polefyldes, another croft called Masons and another croft called Seint Marie croft in Toneworth' shooting to the highway leading from Toneworth' church to Brymyngiam, another croft in Toneworth' adjoining Chambers ground, 2 crofts lying in Toneworth' lying in length between Cowntarsclosse and the highway and in breadth between ground of Master Richard Fulwode, all this property being then in the tenure of the said Baldwin Hunt; to hold from 2 February next for the annual rent of 27s. 10d. [2 terms]; the said Fulk having the right of re-entry if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears 12 weeks beyond any of the said terms; the said Baldwin and Agnes his wife having the right to haybote, howsebote, fyrebote and underwoods and paying the chief rent; the said Baldwin and Agnes were also to repair and maintain the said property at their own cost, excepting great timber which was to be supplied by the said Fulk from the said lands, or from the lordship of Toneworth', and to hand over the said property in good condition at the end of the said term. Signed: per me Fulque Fletcher Dated, 35 Henry VIII. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., the letter W surmounted by a fish. English, parchment, 131/2 x 111/4 in., indented.