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Tanworth and Beaudesert


Lease for 50 years with warranty from John Harmon of Canwall county Staff' gentleman to Robert Lydyatt of Bewdesert county Warr' gentleman for £11. 13. 4d. of all meadows, pastures and woods called Maister Waters and the Lee Hyll in the lordships of Tonworthe and Bewdesert county Warr' then in the occupation of the said Robert; to hold from Michaelmas last for the term of 50 years for the annual rent of £3. 6. 8d. [2 terms]; the said John to have the right of re-entry for non-payment or arrears of the said rent after 8 weeks of any of the said terms; the said Robert also to pay chief rent and all other dues owing from the said lands and heriot of the best beast to be paid after the death of the said Robert; the said Robert to have the right to cut down the underwoods and to have tynesell and haybote from the said coppice, and when the same was due to be felled the said Robert was to erect a hedge and fence around the said coppice to save the underwoods of the same; the said Robert was also to leave 'strathelled, storers and samplers accordyng to the laudable custome vse of Coqeyses wtin the sayd Cuntrey'. Signed: by me John Harmon Dated, 4 Edward VI. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a lover's knot between the letters I H Endorsed: [Contemp] a lease granted by Jo: Harmon esquier to Robart Lyddiatt [Later 16th or early 17th cent] Mr Lydiatz lease Lydyates owlde Lease [S.A.] Mr Smyth delivered me this deed the 4th of May 1648 English, parchment, 223/4 x 111/2 in., indented.