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Tanworth, and Botley in Wootton Wawen


Mortgage with counterpart from Richard Archer esquire to Michael Dormer, citizen and mercer of London, reciting DR 37/1/1118 which both parties agreed to maintain, of a pasture in Tonworthe county Warwyk called the Grete Ley with an adjoining meadow called Monkey croft together with another pasture called the Lyttyll Ley, all which lands were lately mortgaged to Humphrey Browne, serjeant-at-law, and others with the right to reclaim; also a messuage and lands in Tonworthe called Hyttywykes in the occupation of John Canon, pasture called Archers londe in the occupation of James Holyoke, 2 pastures called Kyntlong' and a meadow called Bayruddyng together with the deeds relating to the same; all these lands being of the annual value of £7. 7. 8d., the said Richard also sold to the said Michael 10 butts of Malmsey; the said Michael to have full title to these lands before the following Easter, for which the said Michael was to pay to Sir John Aleyn £142 for a debt of the said Richard, £22 on 25 March next, £60 on 23 May and £60 on 23 November; the said Michael was also to pay Humphrey Browne £56. 13. 4d. to redeem the said lands mortgaged to his aforesaid; the said Richard also conveyed to the said Michael his reversion of lands called Botleys in the parish of Wotton Wawen which Simon Hyett and Margaret his wife, mother of the said Richard, held for life; the said Michael to have full title to this reversion before 1 November next, for which the said Michael was to pay Sir George Throkmerton £60 on Lady Day 1532; these lands being of the value of £13. 6. 8d.; if, however, the said Richard paid £60 to the said Michael on Lady Day 1532 with interest, this said reversion was to be held to the uses of DR 37/1/1118, but if not then the said Michael, 2 months after the death of the said Margaret, was to pay the said Richard £200 for the full purchase of the same for ever; also if the said Richard on Lady Day next paid £22, £60 on 23 May next and £60 on 23 November and £56. 13. 4d. with interest then all the first lands listed were to be held by the said Richard to the uses of DR 37/1/1118, but if not were to pass to the said Michael for ever; any difference between the sums to be paid to Sir John Aleyn and Humphrey Browne and the purchase rate over 20 years for the lands of Tonworth was to be repaid to the said Richard; the said Richard agreed not to spoil the great woods or timber on his said lands in Tonworthe or elsewhere in county War' in view of the said marriage settlement, DR 37/1/1118, without the consent of the said Michael, William Wyllyngton and John Fulwood or any two of them; to secure £600. Signed: Rychard Archar' Dated, 22 Henry VIII. Seal of red wax on tag. Endorsed: [Contemp] The Indenture off Marreage of Anne Archer dowter off Rychard' archer the xxix day off Novembr in the xxij yere 22 H 8 [Later 16th cent] landes yn tanwoorthe 258ii xiijs English, parchment, 29 x 22 in., indented.