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Lease from John Waringe of Tonworth tanner and Margaret his wife to Henry Rownd of Snytterfield husbandman of pasture land called Jurdans in Tonworth then in the occupation of the said John Waringe, together with meadows and groves belonging to the same; to hold for 99 years from Lady Day [25 March] next, rendering annually £4. 6. 8d. [2 terms] during the lives of the said John and Margaret and 53s. 4d. after their deaths; the lessors having the right of distraint after 20 days of any of the said terms for non-payment or arrears of the said rent; the said Henry to have the right to cut and lopp all trees, woods and subwoods growing on the said ground for his own use during the said term; the said lessors to pay the chief rent due for the same and the said Henry to keep the said lands properly hedged, ditched, mounded and fenced during the said term. Signed: Henry Rownd by mark Dated, 29 Elizabeth Witnesses: Willam Chambre, Henry Warryng, Henry Chambre and others Tag for seal with traces of red wax English, parchment, 201/4 x 101/2 in., indented