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Assignment from Hugh Parkes, citizen and haberdasher of London, to Andrew Archer of Tanworthe esquire of the moiety of a lease [DR37/1/1487], recited, of the rectory of Tanworth; to hold from Michaelmas 1588 to 28 September 1607, rendering annually £6. 13. 4d. [2 terms]; the said Hugh having the right of re-entry after 27 days of any of the said terms for non-payment or arrears of the said rent; the said Andrew to pay half the cost of repair and maintenance of the said buildings and for fences, hedges and ditches of the glebe land; the said Andrew also to pay £3. 6. 8d. at the following Michaelmas for the previous half year's rent. Signed: By me Heugh Parkes Dated 29 June 29 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: John Jones, servant of Robert Preston scribe, John Parkes, Robert Preston scribe, John Sheward. Lozenge shaped seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 x 1/2 in., the letters H P. Endorsed: [Contemp] The Leas of the Moytie of Tanworth personage from Mr Parkes English, parchment, 221/4 x 15 in., indented