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Grant from Thomas Lee of Solyhull' tanner to Henry Lee of Owlnall at the request of William Lee, father of the said Thomas, of a croft called Woodcroft in Tonworthe, lying in length from the land now in the tenure of Richard Baker as far as the wood called Sarehurst and in breadth between land called Woodfylde on the one hand and the croft called Roose land on the other, also 20 acres of land and 4 acres of meadow according to their boundaries with all ponds and fisheries within the manor and parish of Tonworthe called Chebery lands, all which lands the said William held for life and the reversion of which would pass to the grantor on the death of the said William, according to a deed of 4 October 2 Elizabeth [1560] and also 4 crofts lying in the lordship of Tonworth called Ryddyscrofts alias Lyndons crofts lying between the lane called Ryddyngs lane, the land of William Grene, the land of Maurice Fulford and the said land called Sarehurst, as described in a charter of the said William of 4 October 2 Elizabeth [1560]; to hold from the death of the said William, in exchange for the reversion of a cottage on Solyhull' and 4 crofts, 2 of which were called Lylandes, one Pypewall' and the other lying next to the said cottage, and 2 closes called Lyhowse and Fowles in the parish of Kyngs Norton, which the said William also held for the term of his life with reversion to the said Henry and which the said Thomas held by gift and feoffment and in exchange from the said Henry of the chief lords of the fee and for 6s. 8d. annual rent; the said parties agreed that if the said lands in Solihull and Kings Norton were found faulty in title or encumbered with any debt etc. then the said Thomas could re-enter the said lands in Tanworth. Signed: Thomas Ley. Dated, 3 Elizabeth. Witnesses: Henry Feelld, John Frethe, Thomas Grove, Maurice Fulford', Richard Filarp, Richard Hethe and Ralph ...hone. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a mullett of 8 points. Latin, parchment, 151/2 x 8 in., indented.