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Lease for 21 years from Thomas Oteley of Whyttyngton gentleman Staffordshire to Baldwin Yelshawe of Tanworth yeoman of a pasture called Brownes in the parish of Tanworth lying between the land of Mr. Archer on the one hand and the highway called Brownes grene on the other; to hold from the feast of the Purification of our Blessed Lady the Virgin next [2 February], rendering annually 6s. [2 terms], the said Thomas having the right of re-entry for non-payment of arrears after one month of any of the said terms; the said Baldwin to cut down all trees and undergrowth for his own use and profit during the said term, leaving three score oaks as samplers. Consideration: £7. Dated, 5 Elizabeth. Fragment of red wax on tag. Endorsed: [Contemp] aldwine Ilshaw [S.A.] lease of Brownes from Thomas Oteley of Whittington gent. dated 12 October fift of Elizabeth. English, parchment, 121/4 x 7 in., indented.