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Lease from the Crown, through the Court of Wards, to Anne Archer, widow, for £33. 6. 8d. of the manor of Tanworth otherwise known as Munkespathe, that is, the mansion house called Umberslade Hall and demesnes of the same in Tanworth, otherwise known as Munkespathe, valued at £28. 6. 8d. with rents of freeholders and copyholders at £22. 10. 5d. per year, excepting all advowsons; to hold during the minority of Andrew Archer, son and heir of Humphrey Archer esquire, deceased, rendering £37. 10. 21/2d. to the Queen's feodary for Warwickshire over and above the sum of 66s. 8d. to be paid annually as a rent resolute to the Queen's receiver. Dated, 6 May 5 Elizabeth. Signed: W. Cecill'. Tag for seal. English, parchment, 211/2 x 133/4 in., indented.