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Feoffment from John Bedell of Tonneworth yeoman to Richard Haselocke of Tonneworth sawyar for £20 of one croft in Tonneworth called Prestes croft in the tenure of Thomas Lee and late in the tenure of the said John Bedell, and late belonging to the first chantry of Tonneworth with woods and waters, which the said John purchased from Kenelm, Clement and John Throkmerton esquires, 25 June 7 Edward VI [1553],; to hold as of the manor of East Greenwich, in socage and not in chief. Appointment of attorney by the said John Bedell of Richard Dolphin of Tonneworth yeoman to deliver seisin. Dated, 8 Elizabeth. Witnesses to livery of seisin, endorsed: Thomas Lucas, Henry Cottrell, James Norres, William Lucas, Thomas Dolphyn, John Atkyns and Hugh Pouls and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in. Latin, parchment, 13 x 10 in.