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Tanworth et alibi


Grant by Edward Fulwood, Tanworth, Warks., esquire and Richard Fulwood, son and heir of the said Edward to Margaret Cotton, elder daughter of Humphrey Cotton of Bouldhall' [Bold Hall] in the parish of Blyffyld [Bithfield], co. Staffs, gent., an annual rent of 5 marks to be taken from certain manors, lands, tenements, meadows and pastures in Warwicks and elsewhere in the kingdom of England. To hold to the said Margaret for her life and to be paid by two equal annual instalments on the Feast of St Luke the Evangelist [18 October] and 8 April in the parish church of Shenstone, between the hours of 1 and 3pm. Signed per me Ed Fullwood Rychard Fulwood 2 tags for seals: one with circular seal of woman's head; the other blank