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Bargain and sale from Sir Robert Throgmerton of Coughton knight to Richard Dolphin of Tonworth for £112 of oak, sapling trees and timber trees growing on his waste ground called Erles wood, otherwise known as Yerles wood, in Tanworthe with the right to fell, cut and carry away the same for 8 years and to use for the same sawepitts and coal fires on the said lands; the said £112 to be paid in four parts on the following four feasts of All Saints [1 November] in instalments of £40, £32, £20 and £20; the said Richard having the right to use the said sawpitts and coal fires after the said term for trees felled within the said term. Dated, 9 Elizabeth. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Endorsed: [Contemp.] The sale of Erles wood trees. English, parchment, 153/4 x 91/4 in., indented.