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Deed poll under the hand of Edmund Robins of Tanworth yeoman conveing to Edmund Fullewode of Tanworth esquire a meadow called Wode meadow together with all woods, subwoods and waters and a way leading from the highway at Pymore gate as far as the said Meadow, the said property lying in Tanworth and lately in the tenure of the said Edmund Robins; to hold for ever rendering annually one red rose on 24 June if demanded. [See DR37/1/1351]. Appointment by the said Edmund Robins of Richard Browne and Robert Fasse as attorneys to deliver seisin. Signed: a mark. Witnesses: Edward Holiock, Nicholas Slye, Thomas Lillie et me Mathew Best. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., the letters R H with two sprigs of foliage. Latin, parchment, 133/4 x 81/2 in.