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Bond from Edmund Fulwoode of Tonworthe esquire to Henry Byddell in the penal sum of £40 to secure delivery by the said Edmund and Joyce his wife of deeds relating to a close of pasture land called Barne land with a marlpit at one end of the same, together with all the trees and woods growing on the same in Tanworthe, before Michaelmas, and to ensure peaceful possession of the said property to the said Henry and his heirs for ever. Signed: by me Edmond Fullwood'. Witnesses endorsed: Richard Dolphyn, Henry Cottrell, John Grene, John Symons, John Wheler, Christopher Symons, William Averell', Thomas persons, Richard Dale, Thomas Smyth and Thomas Symons and others. Seal on tongue in linen bag. Latin and English, parchment, 171/2 x 113/4 in.