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Bargain and sale with warranty from Humphrey Everard of Whittington', Staffordshire, gentleman, to Thomas Wescotte of Tanworthe tanner for £50 of pasture land divided into two parts and a meadow at the lower end of the same called Swanesdicke in Tanworthe, lying in length and breadth between the land of the said Humphrey Everard called Ailsburye land in the tenure of Charles Raynsford esquire, the lane leading to the park called Archers park, the land of Robert Sargeante and of the heirs of Richard Gryswolde gentleman deceased, the land of the said Thomas Wescotte and the lane leading from Hockley Heath towards Tanworthe, together with other premises then in the tenure of Henry Cottrell and Richard Hasellocke, which said pastures the said Humphrey purchased for himself and Anne his wife from Thomas Otley gentleman and which said premises descended with other lands to the said Anne as daughter and sole heir of Richard Clarkson, late of Whittington' gentleman deceased; to hold for ever, the said Humphrey and Anne his wife to make assurances of the same so that they need not travel more than 20 miles from Whittington'. Signed: Humphrey Everard'. Dated, 14 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: Richard Stokes, Richard Heath and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1 in., the letters H E between two sprigs of foliage. English, parchment, 183/4 x 13 in., indented, and 18 x 3 in.