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Bargain and sale from Humphrey Everard of Whyttynton, Staffordshire, gentleman and Anne his wife to Robert Farre of Tonworthe yeoman of one messuage in Tonworthe in the tenure of the said Robert with closes, pastures, meadows, woods and waters belonging to the same called Barne fildes, lying together near to the said Messuage and adjoining a lane leading from the tithebarn towards Henley in Ardern and to one other lane leading from Tonworthe church towards Nurhurst chapel and to one other lane leading from Charlecote pool and to the lands of Edmund Fulwoode gentleman, the lands of Richard Sargant and a grove of Andrew Archer esquire called Charlecote grove; to hold the same to the said Robert Farre and Ketherine his wife for ever, free from all incumbrances, excepting the chief rent and 5s 8d. annually paid by the said Robert to Katherine Boten during her lifetime for her dower. Dated, 14 Elizabeth. Witnesses: 'those persones whose names are vnder wrytten Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in. Endorsed: [Contemp.] Bargen and sale of a messuage in Tanworth in com' Warr'. [S.A.] The sale of Barnefelde to Robert Farre and Kathryne his wyf and the heyres of the same Barnefilde now Richard Hunts and Thomas Palmers his sonnn in lawe. English, parchment, 28 x 19 in., indented.