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Contemporary copy of lease from Thomas Waringe of Beryhall in Solyhull gentleman to Roger Benford and Ketherine his wife of Solihull of lands called Highfildes in Tanworth, lying in length and breadth between the land of Gowares in the tenure of Simon Bidale, the land of Mores in the tenure of Richard Averell alias Tayler the tanner, the heath called Syreleye heath and the highway on all sides; also lands at Munckespathe street over against lands and a tenement late in the tenure of William Barnes in Tanworth, in length and breadth between the highway on all sides; to hold to the said Roger and Katherine for their lives rendering annually £3 [2 terms]. Dated, 13 Elizabeth. Note, in a different hand: livery of seisin granted 10 December 14 Elizabeth [1371]. English, paper, 16 x 12 in., folded once.