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Assignment from Robert Fyshwycke of Tanworthe weaver to John Wheteley of the same tanner of a lease of 20 April 8 Elizabeth [1566] from Edmund Benforde let of Tanworthe gentleman to the said Robert and Sybil his wife and to Isabel Mayberde their maid of a messuage at Bettysforth, Pole Heade in Tanworth with meadows and pastures belonging to the same to hold for 21 years rendering annually 13s. 4d. [2 terms]; to hold now to the said John together with all goods and chattles on the same, except the shop in which the said Robert worked with all his working 'toles, ingins and implements' and one 'potte' in the same, and a room containing a bed and coverings on the same, with free entry and exit to the shop and chamber containing his bed during the same term; the said Robert was also to keep his mare on the said lands but the said John was to have the right to use her when not required by the said Robert; the said John was to keep the said Sybil for the rest of her life with meat, drink, clothing, bedding and housing and all things necessary for the maintenance of 'suche an olde woman' and if she died within 4 years the said John was to give the said Robert a heifer calf but otherwise not; the said John was also to give to the said Robert any colt born of the said mare during the said term and to repair and make tenable the said shop during the said term; the said Robert was also to have entry and exit to a fire in the said messuage which was to be kept to warm him at all reasonable times, the said Robert supplying 4 loads of firewoods for the same each year; the said John was to pay all rent and dues concerning the said property; both parties were mutually bound in the penal sum of £40 to perform this assignment. Dated 14 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: Richard Smythe, William Acock, John Chewe and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in. English, parchment, 211/4 x 111/4 in., indented.