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Assignment with warranty from John Hangar of Coughton yeoman to Robert Payne of Beoley, Worcestershire, yeoman for 50s. of the lease of a meadow called Cassewell meadow and 34 selions in Henefelde, being a part of a lease made under the seal of the Exchequer of 16 March 18 Elizabeth [1576/1577] to the said John Hanger of a messuage called Cokes tenement with lands in the parish of Wotton Wawen and the said meadow called Cassewell' meadow with the said 34 selions of arable, meadow and pasture land in Henefelde in Tanworthe to hold from the previous Michaelmas for 21 years; to hold the said 34 selions from Michaelmas next for 21 years rendering annually 5s. and to hold the said meadow from the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary next, after the expiration of a lease of the same of 20 November 12 Elizabeth [1569] from Baldwin Ilshawe to George Payne deceased, whose estate the said Robert then held, for 6 years rendering annually 4d.; the said John to pay the chief rent. Signed: by me Robert Payn Oval seal of brown wax on tag, 1/2 x 1/4 in., a bearded head to left. Endorsed: [Contemp] The assignment of the lease made to Robt Payn for parte of Ylshawes lond in Tonworthe. English, parchment, 21 x 9 in., indented.