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Lease for 20 years from Andrew Archer of Tanworthe esquire to Joyce James of Tanworthe widow of a messuage and 4 crofts of land, meadow and pasture called Farthinges in Tanworthe, late in the tenure of John James deceased, husband of the said Joyce; to hold from the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary [2 February] last for 20 years, rendering annually 45s. [2 terms], the said lease to be void if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears beyond one month of any of the said terms; the said Joyce to have the right to destroy all underwoods on the said lands to make it mowable and arable during the said term and have the same for her own use; also having enough tinsell for mounding and fencing the said lands; the said Joyce to make suit of court at the court of the said Andrew for the manor of Vmberslade and Monkyspathe when summoned and on her death pay 13s. 4d. for heriot; the said Andrew to supply enough timber from the lordships of Monkyspath or Umberslade towards the repair of the said messuage, but the said Joyce was to keep the said messuage in good repair at her own cost except for great timber; the said Joyce was not to assigne the same without the consent of the said Andrew. Dated, 20 Elizabeth. Witnesses, endorsed: Edward Archer, John Walker, William Cooke. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/4 in., a star of 6 points. Endorsed: [Contemp] sett paid iiijs vjs viijd Joyce James' lease English, parchment, 133/4 x 111/4 in., indented.