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Bargain and sale from Richard Fulwod of Tanworth esquire to John Yardley of the same gentleman and John Nocke of Nuthurst clerk for £334. 6. 8d. of all his goods, moveable and immoveable, as in the schedule attached with all his brass, pewter, household stuff whatsoever even of not mentioned in the said schedule; to hold for ever, the same to be void if the said John and John did not pay the said Richard £330. 6. 8d. further by 3 May 1583. Signed: Richard Fulwood by mark. Dated, 24 Elizabeth. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in. English, parchment, 153/4 x 73/4 in., indented. Schedule attached: 10 oxen 20 kine 3 bulls 10 twinters [2 year old sheep] 10 calves 12 horses and mares 220 sheep 10 swine 50 pairs of sheets 8 brass pots 6 brass pans one garnish and a half of pewter 2 dozen silver spoons. English, parchment, 61/4 x 4 in.