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Acquittance from John Milwarde of Birmingham ironmonger to John Pratt of Tanworth husbandman of a mortgage of 8 March 23 Elizabeth from the said John Pratt to the said John Milwarde of the assignment of a tenement called Hammffeilded and lands belonging to the same in Tanworth together with the indenture assigning the same from William Mountford of Kingisfurst esquire to the said John Pratt, to hold for the remainder of the term with provision for a recovery on payment of £13. 6. 8d. to the said John Milwarde by the following Michaelmas; the said John Milwarde now acquitted the said John Pratt of this sum and so quitclaimed to George Callow taylor then in occupation of the said premises his possession of the same. Signed: per me Jhon Mylward. Dated 24 September 24 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: John Pratte, Thomas Barbor, Thomas Jennens and Thomas Wayte Wayte [sic] c. Tag for seal with traces of red wax. English, parchment, 13 x 10 in.