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Bargain and sale with warranty from Richard Fulwod' of Tanworth esquire to Andrew Archer of the same esquire for £330 of closes of pasture on Tanworthe called Michers land, Mouldes and a pasture called Stonie field with a meadow adjoining the same and a yearly rent of 7s. 5d., heriot and other services from a messuage and lands called Soles, now or late in the occupation of William Besely in the parish of Tanworth; to hold for ever freely excepting the chief rent and the lease of 28 September 9 Elizabeth [1567] from Edmund, father of the said Richard, to Thomas Lyllie for 21 years of Stonie fields for the annual rent of 36s. 8d., now to be paid to the said Andrew for the remainder of the said term. Signed: Richard Fullwod' Dated, 25 Elizabeth. Recorded before Fulk Grewell knight, J.P. for Warwickshire, and John Jeffreys Clerk of the Peace for Warwickshire, 7 January 26 Elizabeth [1584]. Signed: Fulk Greyle, John Jefferrys Witnesses, endorsed: John Archer, Edward Browne, William Havle and others. Enrollment before the said Fulk Greville and John Jeffereys endorsed. Fragment of circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a love knot between the letters R F. Endorsed: [18th cent] Rich'; Fulwoodes Bargayne Sale to Andrew Archer of Michels land, Mouldes Stonie feild dated 10 Octob' 25 Eliz. English, parchment, 101/2 x 15 in., indented.