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Lease from Walter Norryce of Bryton yeoman to Richard Banker of Tanworth yeoman of a house in the tenure of Henry Tyrry and a cottage and 2 gardens in the several tenure of Richard Smythe and Richard Trowte, 2 meadows called Mowen meadow and the Leyes, pastures called Rough croft, Ayshewells, then divided into 3 parts, all this property lying in Tanworth between the waste of the lords of the manor of Tanworth called Earleswood and Langley heath, the lands of John Chapman, Thomas Lucas, Richard Lucas, John Shipman and Henry Cotterell; to hold for 20 years from 27 September next, rendering annually £7. Dated Monday, November 27 Elizabeth English, parchment, 21 x 113/4 in., indented