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Tanworth: Collins Place


Quitclaim from Joan Hilman, Redditch ('Reddyche in the parish of Tardebigge), Worcs., widow to Walter Hilman, her son of all her right in a messuage called Collins Place, with appurtenances, 6 parcels of land called Collins land and a meadow divided into 4 parts called Swannesdyche, all in Tanworth, lying between the highway leading from the church of Tanworth towards Hockley Heath, the land of William Mountford, esq., called Wystons, the land of the heirs of Richard Griswold and Richard Sergeant deceased, and the lane leading from the park of Andrew Archer, gent., on all sides. Witnesses: William Harper, William Wollaston, Richard Harper, John Boulte Tag for seal with fragments of wax Latin, parchment, 14 x 8 in.