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Lease from John Cowper of Rowington, husbandman, and Dorothy his wife to William Skynner of the same esquire of a messuage with a garden, orchard and 4 closes of land next to the said messuage in Tanworth, except the woods, trees and entrance and exit to and from the same which was reserved to the lessors and the heirs of the said Dorothy; to hold for 21 years, rendering annually £4 [2 terms], the said lessors paying all dues relating to the said property; the said John, because the said Dorothy signed this lease was within 3 years to lease to the said Dorothy for the term of her life the house in which he then lived together with all his copyhold land in Rowington, excepting a meadow called Lerchingall. Signed: John Cowper Skiner ar Dorothy Cowper by mark Dated, 30 Elizabeth Witnesses, endorsed: Thomas Burton, Henry Huddesford, William Cowper and others 1. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letters H H 2. Tag for seal with traces of red wax English, parchment, 141/2 x 8 in., indented