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Lease from William Poulett esquire, son and heir of the late Lord Giles Poulett deceased, and Lady Mary his wife, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Nicholas Trappes, late of London, goldsmith deceased, to Hugh Parkes, citizen and haberdasher of London, of the rectory or parsonage of Tanworthe with all edifices, houses, buildings, glebelands, tithes of corn and hay and all other tithes, profits, commodities, fruits, oblations and advantages pertaining to the said rectory; to hold from Michaelmas last for 21 years, rendering annually £13. 6. 8d. [2 terms]; the said William to have the right of re-entry for non-payment or arrears of the same; the said Hugh to repair and maintain the said buildings and all fences, hedges and ditches on the glebe lands whenever necessary. Signed: per me Gulielmum Poulett Dated, 28 Elizabeth Witnesses: Francis Harris, Robert Preston scribe, Thomas Ashbye Circular seal of red wax on tag, damaged, 3/4 in., an eagle with wings displayed and inverted Endorsed: [Contemp] Deede of sale of ye Tythes Rectory of Tanworth to And: Archer Esqr English, parchment, 193/4 x 121/2 in., indented