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Lease from Thomas Waryng of Solyhull gentleman and Henry Sydnall of Tanworth yeoman to Richard Swanne of Tanworth labourer for 40s. of part of a cottage in Tanworth, then in the occupation of the said Richard, together with part of the orchard, garden and backside belonging to the same; to hold from 19 March last for 19 years, rendering annually 10s. 4d. [2 terms] and 2 capons at Christmas; the said lessors to have right of distraint after 15 days for non-payment or arrears of the same; the said Richard to maintain the said cottage and hedge and ditch the said land, and not to crop or lopp any fruit trees growing on the said land but to nourish and increase the same by 'proyning', 'muckeing' 'earthing' and Dressinge' the said trees and by 'setting of stokes and graffyng'; the said Richard to be free of all charges on the said property except tithe. Signed: Thomas Warynge, Henry Sidnall' Dated, 26 Elizabeth Witness to an alteration: John Boulte Witnesses, endorsed: John Chedon, Humphrey Richardes and many others. Two tags for seals with seals sewn in linen bags English, parchment, 181/4 x 101/4 in., indented