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Loxley, Willington, Barcheston and Snitterfield


Final Concord and Agreement made in the Court of Our Lady the Queen at Westminster in three weeks of the Holy Trinity in 1712 before Thomas Lord Trevor, John Blencowe, Robert Tracey and Robert Dormer H. M. Justices between John Edwards, Ambrose Harvey, Henry Smith and Edward Bromley Complainants and Thomas Timms and Judith his wife Deforciants of 1 messuage, 1 cottage, 1 garden, 2 orchards, 20 acres of land, 1 acre of meadow, 3 acres of pasture, 1acre of wood, 2 acres of furze and gorse and common of pasture for all beasts, and of one fifth part of a messuage, orchard and 10 acres of pasture in Loxley, Willington, Barston alias Barcheston and Snitterfield for which the Complainants have given to the Deforciants £100 sterling.