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Snitterfield and Warwick


Attested copy of the Final Concord and Agreement made at Westminster within 15 days of Easter Day in 1780 before William de Grey, Henry Gould and George Nares Justices between Henry Smith Plaintiff and Thomas Bentley, Thomas Bentley the younger, William Yearsley Sarah his wife, John Lloyd Margaret his wife, Thomas Cooke Sarah his wife, Richard Adkins Susannah his wife and Nathaniel Rouse Farr Mary his wife Deforciants of 5 messuages, 1 cottage, 2 brewhouses, 2 barns, 3 stables, 3 gardens, 3 orchards and common of pasture for all manner of cattle with appurtenances in the Parish of St. Mary in the Borough of Warwick and Snitterfield for which the said Henry Smith Complainant had paid the Deforciants £200 sterling. Attested by John Gaven and William Tibbits junior.