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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated the 23rd June 1837 between James Pearson of Snitterfield tailor of the 1st part, William Weston of the same place blacksmith of the 2nd part, John Reid of Newland, Gloucestershire gentleman of the 3rd part and Mark Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire esquire of the 4th part. (Reciting that Thomas Weston the younger died a bachelor in October 1835 intestate leaving his father Thomas Weston the elder his heir at law and that the said Thomas Weston the elder died in December 1835 intestate leaving his eldest son William Weston his heir at law) the property described in DR38/454 was conveyed by William Weston and his Mortgagee Thomas Pearson to John Reid on trust for Mark Philips in consideration of £350. Signed James Pearson, William Weston and Mark Philips. Stamp seal. Witnessed by Thomas Umbers solicitor Stratford-upon-Avon and William Marshall, clerk to Mr. Umbers. Lease dated 22nd June 1837 between William Weston and Mark Philips of the same property for one year. Signed William Weston. Stamp seal. Witnessed as before.