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Indenture dated 5th April 1878 between Jane Harborne wife of Henry Harborne of Snitterfield wheelwright of the 1st part, Henry Harborne aforesaid of the 2nd part and Robert Needham Philips of Welcombe esquire of the 3rd part whereby the property described in DR 38/652 and more particularly described herein with a map, together with a small piece of land at the South East corner (thereon coloured blue) were conveyed by Jane Henry Harborne to Robert Needham Philips in consideration of £300. Signed Jane Harborne, Henry Harborne and Robert Needham Philips. Seal letter H. Witnessed by John Calloway agent, Snitterfield. Memorandum by Richard Millward Hutchins dated 13th September 1877 that he had no right to the use of the pump or water situate on the above mentioned land. Signed Richard Millward Hutchins.