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Indenture dated 21st May 1869 between William Duffin of Snitterfield labourer of one part and Joseph Taylor of Beausale farmer of the other part. Reciting that William Duffin had converted the cottage described in DR 38/698 into 2 cottages and had erected 3 cottages on another part of the property described in DR 38/698, it was witnessed that the messuage and cottage formerly occupied as 2 cottages by William Wood and Thomas Tallis the then owners thereof afterwards converted into 1 cottage and occupied by William Duffin and then re-converted into 2 cottages then in the occupations of William Golding and William Hathend, also 3 cottages erected by William Duffin on part of the above described premises in the occupations of Mrs. Mason, Henry Burton and James Brookes were conveyed by William Duffin to Joseph Taylor and his heirs for £290. Signed William Duffin and Joseph Taylor. Red wax seal capital S. Witnessed by Thomas Snape, solicitor Warwick.