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Indenture dated 20th September 1878 between Richard Smith formerly of The Wolds, Snitterfield esquire but then of The Lodge, Kenilworth of one part and Robert Needham Philips of Welcombe esquire of the other part whereby a cottage, garden and brewhouse (see DR38/620, DR38/676, DR38/678 DR38/679) formerly in the occupation of Henry Eddins but then of Joseph Gardner, also 2 adjoining cottages in the occupations of William Roberts and Elizabeth Gardner were conveyed by Richard Smith to Robert Needham Philips for £200. Signed Richard Smith and Robert Needham Philips. Seal red wax, letter H. Witnessed by R. C. Heath, solicitor, Warwick and John Calloway, agent Snitterfield. Attached paper dated 24th June 1878 concerning rents of the above property.