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Indenture dated 30th October 1817 between Edward Tallis of Snitterfield bricklayer band William Tallis the eldest son of the said Edward Tallis of the same place bricklayer of the 1st part, William Gibbs of Snitterfield shopkeeper of the 2nd part and Robert John Barnhurst of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman (a Trustee of the said William Gibbs) of the 3rd part whereby a cottage and garden etc. then in the occupation of William Tallis at Snitterfield which descended to the said William Tallis as nephew and heir at law of Elizabeth Wareham late of Snitterfield deceased widow, was leased by Edward and William Tallis to Robert John Barnhurst for 2000 years by way of mortgage, in trust for William Gibbs, subject to a proviso for redemption, for £20. Signed William Tallis, William Gibbs, Robert John Barnhurst and by the mark of Edward Tallis. Seal crest, capital B surrounded by a goat's head. Witnessed by Samuel Buffery.