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Snitterfield and Bearley


Copy Probate of the Will and Codicil dated 3rd September 1805 of John Green of Snitterfield whereby he devised 10 acres at Bearley to his Executors on trust for sale and investment and after payment of debts the profits thereof to be paid to his eldest son John Green for his life remainder to his children at 21 years (and in default of such children of John Green the younger then equally to all the surviving children of the Testator). Also he devised to John Green the younger his house lately built by him in Palmer's Garden for life remainder for life to his widow remainder to the children of John Green the younger remainder to the other children of the Testator. Also to Richard Green son of the Testator the property described in DR 38/522 DR 38/523 at Snitterfield and other devises and bequests. Signed and sealed by John Green in the presence of Joseph Bryan and Elizabeth Hubbard. Proved 9th September 1822. Examined with original by Robert H. Hobbes.