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Indenture dated 1st March 1821 between Robert Philips of The Park, Prestwich, Manchester esquire of the 1st part, George William Wood of Manchester merchant (a Trustee named in an Indenture of Release thereinafter referred to for the said Robert Philips) of the 2nd part and George Philips of Sedgley, Lancashire esquire of the 3rd part (Reciting that an annual rent charge of £1-17-6 which by an award dated 12th April 1766 under an act of 5 George III for inclosing the common fields of Snitterfield was given to George William, Earl of Coventry and his heirs issuing out of certain ancient inclosed lands called Briery Lands in lieu of tithes etc. and also all that other yearly rent charge of £9-9-0 which by the same award etc. was awarded to the Earl of Coventry aforesaid issuing out of land called Snitterfield Wolds also in lieu of tithes which several rent charges were conveyed by the said Earl to trustees to suffer such trusts as the said Robert Philips should appoint) it was thereby witnessed that the said rent charges of £9-9-0 and £1-17-6 were conveyed to George Philips by Robert Philips in trust for the said Robert Philips and his heirs. Signed Robert Philips and George William Wood. Seals obliterated. Witnessed by William Duckworth solicitor Manchester.