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Copy Will of Robert Bartlem of Rosewell, Essex builder whereby he appointed George Tandy of Kenilworth his Executor and Trustee, and he bequeathed all his household effects to his wife Mary absolutely and he bequeathed to each of his brothers and sisters him surviving £20, and he devised and bequeathed all his freehold and leasehold property of which he should die seised or possessed to his Trustees upon trust during the life of his wife to pay her an annuity of £31-4-0 for her life and after her death to sell the same and to divide the proceeds with all accumulations of rent thereof to the time of his wife's death, as also the residue of the Testator's personal estate not specifically disposed of between the Testator's brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces as should be living at the Testator's death. Witnessed by Bernard Bartholomew Bright, butler and James Perry, gardener.