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Hampton Lucy


Indenture between Samuel Farren of Staple Inn gentleman (son of William Farren of London gentleman) of one part and John Cowper of Staple Inn aforesaid gentleman - Joel Northam of Southampton Buildings in the Parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex staymaker of the other part. Reciting DR38/1144 and that Jonathan Farren and his wife Alice were then dead whereby Samuel Farren became seised of the hereditaments at Upper Ingon in fee tail subject to an annuity of £50 payable to William Farren (father of the said Samuel) for his life and reciting that a marriage had been solemnised between Samuel Farren and Mary Sharples, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of the said marriage and in consideration of 10/- paid by John Cowper and Joel Northam to Samuel Farren, he the said Samuel Farren demised to John Cowper and Joel Northam the capital messuage or farmhouse lately erected called Upper Ingon, then in the occupation of William Meades also several closes to the said messuage belonging and enjoyed therewith called Rickyard Close (next Ingon Lane towards Stratford-upon-Avon), Further Close, Rickyard Meadow, Upper Meadow, Lower Meadow, Picked Close, Barn Close, 2 closes on the North side of the house next the lane, also Broom Close (adjoining Ingon Lane towards Snitterfield), Rye Green Close lying on the West side of the last close, another close called Toms his close, Great Saint Hill, Little Saint Hill, Long Meadow (or Kate's Meadow), Kerks Leys, Bromley's Meadow, Bromley's Hill, White Hill (or Little Hill), George's Hill on the West side of the barn on the further part of the said farm, Aishen Close Ruffe with a little close at one corner called Ram's Close together with the Great Orchard, stables, buildings and appurtenances occupied as part of the said farm premises for a term of 99 years if the said Samuel Farren and Mary his wife should so long live and subject to the payment of an annuity of £50 to William Farren for his life in trust for Samuel Farren for his life, remainder to Mary, wife of Samuel Farren for her life if she survived him. Signed Samuel Farren, John Cowper and Joel Northam. Red wax seal. Witnessed by Roger Jortin attorney at law, No. 13, Holbourne Court, Gray's Inn and Peter Dunning, clerk to Mr. Bolders, Staple Inn.