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Indenture between James Brookes of Walsall, Staffordshire saddler - William Shutt of Walsall tallow chandler of one part and Thomas Brookes Gibbs of Langley farmer, Henry Samuel Gibbs of Norton Lindsey farmer - Elizabeth [Ann] Gibbs of Leamington Priors spinster of the other part. Reciting DR38/1110, DR38/1111 - DR38/1112, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of £60 paid by Thomas Brookes Gibbs, Henry Samuel Gibbs and Anne Elizabeth [sic] Gibbs to James Brookes - William Shutt, they the said James Brookes - William Shutt released the said property described in DR38/1110 to Thomas Brookes Gibbs, Henry Samuel Gibbs and Elizabeth [Ann] Gibbs free from encumbrances. Signed James Brookes and William Shutt. Red wax seal with initial H thereon. Witnessed by Thomas Snape solicitor Warwick and Arthur Shutt tallow chandler Walsall.