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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 25th March 1820 between Samuel Allen of Bordesley in the Parish of Aston juxta Birmingham, gentleman of the 1st part, John Whitehead of Barford, esquire of the 2nd part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire, esquire of the 3rd part and George William Wood of Manchester, Lancashire, merchant of the 4th part reciting DR38/1091 and reciting that John Cox had died on 19th December 1811 and that John Whitehead on 12th October 1818 entered into an agreement with Samuel Allen for the purchase of all the hereditaments referred to in DR38/1091 situate in Wolverton for £8300 as the agent of Robert Philips, it was thereby witnessed that Samuel Allen in consideration of £8300 paid to him by Robert Philips (by his agent John Whitehead) conveyed all the said hereditaments in Wolverton (described in DR38/1052 - DR38/1071) and referred to in DR38/1091 and more particularly described herein, to the use of Robert Philips for life, remainder to the use of George William Wood during the life of Robert Philips after the determination of the life estate of Robert Philips for any reason during his life in trust for Robert Philips, remainder to the use of Robert Philips and his heirs for ever. Signed by all parties except George William Wood. Red wax seal with letters R. P. thereon. Witnessed by Thomas Lee - John Simcox attorneys, Birmingham and Thomas Ayre Lee. Lease dated 24th March 1820 for one year of the same property by Samuel Allen to Robert Philips. Signed by Samuel Allen and John Whitehead. Sealed and witnessed as before.