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Wolverton - Bearley


Indenture of Mortgage between Thomas Matthews of Langley Hill Farm farmer of one part and Thomas Heath of Warwick gentleman of the other part reciting that in June 1819 hereditaments in Bearley thereafter mentioned were conveyed to Thomas Matthews and that in July 1826 a portion of Wolverton Town Meadow containing 2 acres, 2 roods and 20 perches was conveyed to Thomas Matthews by Robert Philips for £250 and that Thomas Matthews by his Will dated 25th March 1841 devised the piece of land secondly described hereafter to his wife for life and after her decease to his son Thomas Matthews and he devised cottages in Bearley (the Property hereafter firstly described) to his said son Thomas Matthews and his heirs, and that the Testator (Thomas Matthews the elder) died on 7th April 1841, his Will being proved by his Executrix and widow Charlotte Matthews and reciting that Edward Mann late of Norton Lindsey by his Will dated 10th March 1821 devised to his daughter Charlotte his 2 houses and 3 closes in Wolverton for her life and thereafter to the heirs of her body and by a Codicil to his Will dated 4th June 1822 he stated that his said daughter Charlotte having intermarried Thomas Matthews the younger and he devised the said property in Wolverton to his said daughter Charlotte for her life with remainder to the use of the first and other sons begotten on the body of Charlotte, the Testator's daughter, and reciting that Edward Mann died on 14th June 1831, and reciting that Thomas Matthews the younger was the only son of Charlotte Matthews, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of £300 paid to the said Thomas Matthews the younger by Thomas Heath, he the said Thomas Matthews conveyed to Thomas Heath:- Firstly a messuage at Bearley and another messuage formerly a shop with appurtenances, all which premises were theretofore in the occupation of William Cammell, afterwards of John Creed the elder, then of John Creed the younger and Francis Priest, then of William Carpenter and William Spencer and were commonly called Creed's House, which said premises were then converted into 3 cottages in the occupations of Elisha Lane, Widow Tandy and Widow Turnock. Secondly a close at Wolverton called Wolverton Close or the Town Close containing 2 acres, 2 roods and 20 perches, bounded by land of William Wilcox esquire on the North, South and West sides thereof, and by the road through Wolverton village on the East side, late in the occupation of George Gibbs and then of William Twineham. Thirdly two messuages with gardens and blacksmith's shop and 3 closes containing 4a-0r-20p in the occupation of William Twineham, and other lands referred to in the recited Will of Edward Mann subject to a proviso for redemption upon repayment of £300. Signed Thomas Matthews. Red wax seal. Witnessed by William John Squires, clerk to Mr. Heath, solicitor, Warwick.