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Hampton Lucy, Clopton Bridgetown


Attested Copy Indenture of Assignment between the Right Honourable Thomas Charles, Lord Viscount Tracy of Rathule, County Dublin, Ireland and Sir William Keyte of Norton, Gloucestershire, baronet of the 1st part, Sir Hugh Clopton of the Middle Temple knight of the 2nd part and Hugh Watson of the Middle Temple gentleman of the 3rd part. Reciting DR 38/1173 whereby a term of 99 years was limited to the persons of the 1st part upon trust to raise £1000 for Hugh Clopton, it was thereby witnessed that Charles Thomas, Lord Viscount Tracy and Sir William Keyte baronet (at the direction of Sir Hugh Clopton) and in consideration of 5/- apiece paid to them by Hugh Watson and in consideration of £1000 paid to Sir Hugh Clopton by Hugh Watson assigned to the said Hugh Watson the term of 99 years in the premises described in DR 38/1173 subject to a proviso for redemption upon repayment by Sir Hugh Clopton of £1000 to Hugh Watson. Witnessed by Thomas Leeke of Warwick and Katherine Mason, Thomas C. Rigg and Thomas Jones, clerk to Mr. Watson. Attested 26th March 1845 by Edward J. B. Jellicoise and Matthew Marshall, clerks to Messrs. Cunliffes, Charlewood Bury, solicitors, Manchester.