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Hampton Lucy, Old Stratford Toddenham, Gloucestershire


Copy Will of Sir John Clopton of Clopton knight reciting the Settlement [1662] made upon the marriage between him Sir John Clopton and Dame Barbara his deceased wife, only daughter of Sir Edward Walker knight Garter Principal King at Arms of certain hereditaments in Clopton, Ingon, Rhyen Clifford and Bridgetown of the yearly value of £150 which were settled to the use of Sir John Clopton and his heirs in fee simple and reciting DR 38/1171 and that an Annuity of £50 had been secured to his son William for life, also that he had provided for the marriage settlement of his son Edward and also for his daughters Agnes and Barbara who married William Keyte esquire and Aston Ingram esquire respectively and reciting that Aston Ingram was dead and that he Sir John Clopton had provided for and Sir William Keyte and Agnes his daughter and their children at Clopton for many years past and had recently settled a farm at Toddenham, Gloucestershire to the use of the said Agnes for her life and had given to the said Agnes Keyte plate, jewels and other things to the value of £300 besides sums amounting to £600 to William Keyte and reciting that he had settled £1200 upon the said Aston Ingram and Barbara upon their marriage besides plate, jewels and other things to the value of £200, all which the Testator thereby declared to be in full satisfaction of whatever the said Sir Edward Walker their grandfather gave to the said Agnes and Barbara by his Will and reciting that he had then recently settled £100 per annum upon his son John Clopton after the death of Edward Clopton and considering he had cost him (the Testator) several hundred pounds in putting him out apprentice and afterwards in purchasing him a Cornet's part in the Army he declared that he had completely provided for him yet nevertheless to encourage him to a virtuous life he bequeathed and devised to the benefit of a contract which he had made with Edward Clopton concerning 5 closes in Bridgetown, also £100 to John Clopton and reciting that upon inclosure of Clopton Park he the Testator took in 20 acres of which he was seised at the time of his Marriage Settlement to the intent that such lands should thereafter go with such park, he devised such 20 acres to his son Edward Clopton and his heirs, and reciting that his son William was non compos mentis he appointed his daughter Lady Agnes Keyte, his kinsman Richard Dighton esquire, Mr. Walwyn Meese, Vicar of Stratford-upon-Avon and Mr. Thomas Woolmer Guardians of the said William Clopton and he devised to the said William £200, and he directed that all household furniture and fixtures at Clopton House should remain there for the use of his son Edward Clopton and he bequeathed certain legacies to his granddaughter Agnes (daughter of Lady Agnes Keyte), to his daughter Barbara, to the Poor of Old Stratford and to Mr. Thomas Woolmer, and he bequeathed the residue of his personal estate to Hugh Clopton and appointed him sole Executor of his Will. Witnessed by William Keyte, Thomas ????, Thomas Woolmer and John Woolmer. Codicil of the same date giving a further legacy to William Clopton. Witnessed by Sarah Butler, Thomas Postgate and Thomas Woolmer. Another Codicil reciting death of John Clopton giving his legacy to Dame Agnes dated 11th May 1712. Witnessed by Elizabeth Tracey, Thomas Cockman and Thomas Postgate.